Mending & Reweaving

Q: How long does re-weaving take?
A: On average about 4-5 weeks. We can accommodate for earlier. Some additional charges may apply.

Q: Do I have to bring the garment to the store or can it be mailed?
A: We accept reweaving jobs all across the country. However before mailing, it’s advised to email a picture of the damage. This way we can give you a better idea of the job and the estimate.

Q: What is the price for re-weaving?
A: Quotes for reweaving cannot be evaluated until we can see the garment.

Custom Made Clothing

Q: How long does it take to make any custom made clothing?
A: On average about 4 weeks, however we can get things done within 7 working days depending on what has to be done. For further information please contact the store.

Q: How much does it cost to get a custom made suit?
A: For custom made suits, the range opens at about $1,050.00. If you haven’t been to the store before, it’s advised to look into our ready-to-wear unless you necessarily need custom. A clothier will help you with your decision.

Q: Where are your garments made?
A: We use manufacturers in Canada, Italy, parts of the Orient, and the United States. Each one offers us a different benefit. depending on a customer’s needs.


Q: Where is Daswani Clothiers located?
A: We are in West Hartford Center on Farmington Avenue (across the street from Max’s Oyster Bar).

Q: Can gift certificates be purchased over the phone?
A: Gift certificates can be purchased over the phone with a credit card and can be shipped anywhere.

Q: What kind of customers shops the store?
A: We’re proud and fortunate of our clientele. Sometimes it’s a guy looking for a fun shirt to wear going out, other times it’s someone getting married who needs assistance coordinating his outfits, others are men who are seeking dependable service that require our help, building their business wardrobe.
Daswani Clothiers is a one-stop men’s store for all attire needs.

Q: Do you keep records of measurements and purchases on file for individual customers?
A: Absolutely. The foundation to our business involves keeping track of all measurements and purchases, so that we can accommodate our customers as best as possible.

Q: Do you carry big and tall sizes?
A: Yes. We stock dress shirts up to collar size 22. Jacket sizes up to 58 extra long. Trouser sizes up to 60. Quantity is limited. Please contact store for specifics.

Q: Do you carry extra long neck ties?
A: Yes, we carry extra long ties and custom make them as well if you’re looking for something specific.

Q: Do you sell formal wear accessories and tuxedos?
A: Yes, we sell tuxedos. Our formal wear selections are unique and exclusive. Dressing to the nines is very easy here!

Q: Do you accommodate wedding parties?
A: We work with all wedding parties. From the groom, to the groomsmen from the planning stages to the final fittings and and accessorizing. Please contact store for further information.

Q: We are coming from out of state. Can we make an appointment to work in the store on a Sunday?
A: Yes, appointments for Sundays can be made. Please contact the store 24 hours in advance to plan the appointment.

Alterations & Tailor Shop

Q: Do you alter clothes that are not purchased at Daswani’s?
A: Yes, we do outside alterations.

Q: How long do alterations take?
A: General turn around time is a week however we sometimes will need more time, or can accommodate for earlier than the normal turnaround. Please contact store for specifics.

Q: How much do alterations cost?
A: Alterations are quoted based upon the necessary tailoring needed to the garment.
Standard alterations such as hems and shortening sleeves can mostly be given over the phone. Please contact store for specifics.

Q: Do you do women’s alterations?
A: Yes, we alter all women’s garments. Appointments are required.

Q: Do you do same day or next day alterations?
A: Yes we can do both depending on what needs to be altered. Additional fees may apply. Please contact store for further information.