Weaving & Repair

Reweaving: the process of restoring small damages in woven fabric

Weaving is a highly skilled and time-consuming method of repairing damages to cloth. There are many different techniques used depending on the fabric and size of the hole. The process involves matching threads from the garment and weaving the threads back into the fabric using the exact same pattern so the hole is mended and the repaired area is “invisible”. This technique involves taking individual threads from a hem, side seam or other areas to make as near perfect repairs as humanly possible.

But beware!

…there are other methods of repairing which are often wrongly described as “invisible”. Proper invisible reweaving skills take years to perfect. There are only a handful of tailors and seamstresses that are “handy with a needle” and can replicate the weave of the fabric. Invisible weaving is also known as French weaving. It can be done on most garments and is most commonly done on wools and cashmere blends and knits, because of holes caused by burns, pulls, rips, or even insects.

There is no reweaving machine! Each repair must be done by hand. Our tailors use individual threads or squares of “healthy” fabric and weave into the damaged area. We’ve rewoven the smallest moth holes to large piece reweaves. We work in all different fabrics. Our expert reweaving services are available to all, whether or not you are a current client.